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RP-7100 drehzahl irregular

BeitragVerfasst: 14.08.2017, 18:12
von dorenberg
Hallo leute,

Ich habe seit einen zeit einen Rp-7100 und hat ein problem das das drehzahl irregular ist wenn den Quartz eingeschaltet ist. Ich hab mal versucht via den service manual um das drehzahl aus zu richten mit den poti's aber war nicht erfolgreig.

Hat jemand ideeen?

Gruss Dorenberg.

(aus die Niederlande, deshalb nicht so ganz gut Deutsch.....)

Re: RP-7100 drehzahl irregular

BeitragVerfasst: 24.08.2017, 10:31
von Sleepy

that behavior is correct. If "quartz"-button is pressed (the "quatz"-LED glows), the two "pitch"-trimmer have no effect on the revolution speed; speed is fixed to 33 or 45rpm, depending on the "speed"-button.

If the fixed speed ("quartz"-button pressed) is not correct, maybe there´s a pot inside the player to correct that. For this, a look at the service-manual would be helpfull.

If "quartz"-button is not pressed, you can choose 33/45rpm with the "speed"-button AND vary speed with the matching "pitch"-pot at the front end.

In both cases, you should see red lines in the little window right beside the "quartz"-button.


Re: RP-7100 drehzahl irregular

BeitragVerfasst: 04.09.2017, 13:28
von dorenberg
Hi Sleepy,

thanks for the answer. But even with the quartz funtion ON, you can hear some speed variations. I tried to adjust it, but brought the turntable to a repair shop.

Kind regards,

Re: RP-7100 drehzahl irregular

BeitragVerfasst: 04.09.2017, 14:04
von Sleepy
O.K., you´re right - that´s certainly not correct... ;-)

If the find the fault, let us know what causes this effect - maybe it´s helpfull for another user.

Good luck, Sleepy

Re: RP-7100 drehzahl irregular

BeitragVerfasst: 11.09.2017, 18:27
von dorenberg
It is still in the repair shop. But as soon as I know what was the cause I will post it here.